22nd March: Today Growtopia is being paid a visit by Locke the traveling salesman! He comes once a day a month to hawk his fabulous wares, though this time he will stick around a day and a half to introduce himself.

NOTE: Locke is NOT in the world LOCKE. He goes to random worlds every 10 minutes, and does a broadcast to 500 people to announce his location. There is only one of him, so don't be surprised if you don't find him.. DO NOT GO to the world LOCKE to find Locke! (P.S. LOCKE, the world, is full of dirt!!!)

Available Trades:

Buy Big Lock for 5 Small Lock

Buy Huge Lock for 3 Big Lock

Buy World Lock for 5 Huge Lock

Buy Locke's Mystery Box for 1 World Lock

Buy Megaphone for 10 World Lock

Buy Burning Eyes for 50 World Lock

Buy Clothing Compactor for 1 Diamond Lock

Buy Growtoken for 1 Diamond Lock

Buy Diamond Dragon for 100 Diamond Lock


  • Locke may comment one the fact that the player has no locks on them, if the player has no locks in their backpack.