The lava block is one of the four common blocks when starting a world. The lava block is found around the bottom of the world, and is one of the many blocks that can kill/harm a player.

The lava block, when touched, knocks the player back and puts the player on fire for a split second. The player dies after making contact with the blocks approximately five times without touching ground, but a player wearing the Asbestos Boots can take up to ten consecutive hits.The Asbestos Boots takes only 50% of the damage.

The graphics for the Lava tile was updated February 13 to connect with other lava tiles adjacent to it, and to make the appearance less solid and square (new graphics look dripping a bit).(Farmable)

lava seeds

200 lava seeds can be sold for 1 pure world lock

btw lava seeds might be farmable Game Description: DO NOT TOUCH!
Rarity: 1