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Core information
Name Growtoken
Rarity 999
Editable Type 2046
Action The Wrench
Extra information
Drop Chance 1
Item Kind 128

Seed Style 7/14/7/6
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Growtokens is a currency added on March 30, 2014. It is only obtained when many players visit your world. This item is not tradable, so you cannot get growtokens by trading with others.

Growtokens can be used to purchase things in the Growtoken Store, or you may spend 50 to launch a Super Duper Broadcast via the /sdb command. (This command has been disabled temporarily because of some bugs, making the server crash.)

How to get Growtokens

You can get the tokens based on the number of people that hangout in the world daily. These numbers will accumulate and you will be rewarded with a token at the following day. Getting honors/tokens mainly depends on the distance a certain number of Growtopians move for a certain number of time. It is proven, that explains why autoruns do not work anymore as Growtopians don't move. At all. Also, worlds like "WIKIRECIPE" that requires you to move long distances to get to the required recipe has higher honors/ more Growtokens. The new Growtoken tweak also disables getting tokens from dropgames since you can only move so much in a confined space to drop. On the bright side, giveaways are now more effective. A good 1 hour or so of giveaway spamming will probably yield another token the following day.

Growtoken Store

Events Item that use Growtokens


  • Even though the game says You'd be sorry if you'd lost that, you still can trash/recycle your Growtokens, with 1 Growtoken giving 0 gems.