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Core information
Name g-Virus
Rarity 999
Editable Type Item usable on other people
Action Consumable
Extra information
Drop Chance 8

Clothing Type Hair

Seed Style 14/12/6/4
Seed Color
Overlay Color

The g-Virus is an item distributed through the Zombie Defense Pack. It is unspliceable and it infects the receiving player with the zombie virus. Direct infections with the g-Virus ignore the immunity granted by Antidotes.

The item was added one day before the update as a prize for the winner of the GROWTECHPHARMA course. The winner of the early virus was Viking, though the g-Virus was unusable at the time, and was labeled "Mysterious Liquid." The GrowTech Pharma storyline suggests that the zombie virus began with the stolen virus.

When an infected player chats, their message appears in green, with 'zombie speak' added on occasion, such as "Brains!" The zombie speak originally extended vowels and alternated capitalization randomly, but that was cut so chatting as a zombie would be less annoying to players.
File:Zombie Cursed id.png